g. Pedalling To St Petersburg

The most important things in life can be achieved when you're lying down!

Update December 2010. Due to unexpected serious illness in the family, we have had to delay our trip until March 2012. Read the full story here (and thankyou so much for your continued support and understanding) https://intrepidjane.wordpress.com/2010/12/04/tales-of-the-unexpected/

We are going to pedal all the way to St Petersburg from Scotland on a home-made recumbent (I do like the idea of lying down for thousands of miles!) back-to-back tandem that my partner is making – a real old-fashioned adventure! It’s our way of getting to the start line for the Mongolian 100km adventure race in the summer of 2011. It’s likely that we’ll have to start pedalling in March 2011 .. it’s quite a long way (tell you how far when the GPS mapping arrives!)

Going The Whole Hog!

On this page, I’ll keep you updated on our adventure-planning progress : the route (at the moment it’s looking like we’re going the Baltic coastal route – visas permitting- via Holland, Germany, Poland, Kaliningrad , Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) , where we’ll be staying (exploring camping and couch-surfing options at the moment), and how I get on with researching and booking the Trans-Siberian Express from St Petersburg to Ulaan Bataar and then onwards to Beijing.

You can see more about the TSE route here : http://www.seat61.com/Trans-Siberian.htm#Route%20map

After we’ve run in Mongolia, we’ll pack up our trike and take the Trans-Siberian Express southwards through the Gobi Desert and into China for one final spin .. around Beijing.. the city of bicycles… a rather fitting end to what promises to be an epic ride!

Practising working as a team 😉

If you know of anyone who may want to host us between Ijmuiden (Amsterdam) and St P (runners or cyclists in particular – because we’d like to visit where they live by human power!), please let us know!

Follow the trike building project on the “Building Our Trike” page 😉

Click here for a really informative article about  trike touring :


Living the dream,

Jane 😉


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