c. Hearty 200 M’Islay

If God were my main sponsor....

I DID IT! THE FULL 203 MILES IN 9 DAYS. READ THE FULL STORY HERE https://intrepidjane.wordpress.com/2010/08/09/a-very-moving-experience/

Read about the full 9-day running itinerary on Islay and Jura here  https://intrepidjane.wordpress.com/2010/07/23/islay-the-heart-of-scotland/

Today I thought I had lost one of the most precious things in my life. In the grief of this moment, I want to run in the way that only Forrest Gump himself would. It will be grief that fuels this run – and I am sure it is one of the most powerful fuels there is. And I want to use this fuel in the most positive way I can : to raise more money for H4H. So the plan is to run over 200 miles in 10 days on Islay and Jura and a little on the Kintyre Peninsula. I will start running on Monday July 26th … it is now already Thursday 22nd…I am looking for campsites, B&Bs and hosts..I am calling Cotswolds in Glasgow about bivvy bags. This is going to be wild. This is going to be desperate. I am on my my emotional edge. I am going to my physical edge. And I am going to the edge of this beautiful country. I am going to be hanging off the edge for 10 days. It will be good for my soul/my soles and some “bloody feet” if I can pull it off!

Gotta run!

JT 😉



  1. Hi jane,saw the picture of Sylvia & I in the Port charlotte.Thanks for that. hope youare doing well. Norma from Vancouver

    • Hey Norma! Great to hear from you! Hope you had a really good trip on Islay – it was good to have your company in Port Charlotte 😉 Am doing really well – just preparing for the next challenge (West Highland Way – a long distance route here in Scotland; 23 mile hill race and 100 mile cycle .. all done in 6-days!)…

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