s. Bend Your Mind!

I wouldn't mind a bit of help!

Would you like to give me a piece of your mind?

On Saturday 12th June at 6.00 am I’ll be starting out on the Mourne Way 52-mile ultra-marathon in Northern Ireland, the first step to raising £100k for Help For Heroes.

Today I just realised 52 miles is a  f***ing long way (that’s right, ultra runners tend to be a little slow ;-)). And this is where you come in! Are you interested in helping me in a fun way through the 52 by bending your mind Uri Geller-style in my direction?

All you have to do is select one of the specific times below on Saturday 12th June and then , as the phrase goes, give me a piece of your mind 😉 For example, you could send me a positive emotion, you could send me energy or some cosmic leg-healing rub (I’m sure that’ll be selling like hot-cakes on saturday), you could send a prayer or an encouraging thought. As long as it’s at that time! And when you’re mind is fully on the job, it’ll take my mind off the job and give me something fun to focus on.

Please make your pledge by selecting the time and then stating the nature of your pledge and leave it as a comment here! Looking forward to running into you on Saturday 😉 THANKYOU!

Oh – feel free to cut and paste this link onto your Facebook Wall – spread the word.. if nothing else, it’ll be a really interesting experiment!

CHOOSE YOUR TIME TO BEND YOUR MIND : 9.30am; midday; 3pm; 5.30pm and NOW MAKE YOUR PLEDGE by leaving a comment! (This is goingto be fun! I’ll let you know what happens!)

Really gotta run now (packing my race gear!) J xx


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