s. Bend Your Mind!

I wouldn't mind a bit of help!

Would you like to give me a piece of your mind?

On Saturday 12th June at 6.00 am I’ll be starting out on the Mourne Way 52-mile ultra-marathon in Northern Ireland, the first step to raising £100k for Help For Heroes.

Today I just realised 52 miles is a  f***ing long way (that’s right, ultra runners tend to be a little slow ;-)). And this is where you come in! Are you interested in helping me in a fun way through the 52 by bending your mind Uri Geller-style in my direction?

All you have to do is select one of the specific times below on Saturday 12th June and then , as the phrase goes, give me a piece of your mind 😉 For example, you could send me a positive emotion, you could send me energy or some cosmic leg-healing rub (I’m sure that’ll be selling like hot-cakes on saturday), you could send a prayer or an encouraging thought. As long as it’s at that time! And when you’re mind is fully on the job, it’ll take my mind off the job and give me something fun to focus on.

Please make your pledge by selecting the time and then stating the nature of your pledge and leave it as a comment here! Looking forward to running into you on Saturday 😉 THANKYOU!

Oh – feel free to cut and paste this link onto your Facebook Wall – spread the word.. if nothing else, it’ll be a really interesting experiment!

CHOOSE YOUR TIME TO BEND YOUR MIND : 9.30am; midday; 3pm; 5.30pm and NOW MAKE YOUR PLEDGE by leaving a comment! (This is goingto be fun! I’ll let you know what happens!)

Really gotta run now (packing my race gear!) J xx



  1. Hi Jane at 09.30 on the 12th June I will share my energising vegetable juice breakfast with you. It will see you through a good few miles.

    Good luck with the run.
    Take care

    • That’s brilliant. I will be pretty hungry by then! JT 😉

  2. I’m doing a bike race Saturday morning but I’m going to start early and finish by 11:30 so that by midday I’ll be fully recovered and ready to send you a massive burst of energy. This is not just any old burst of energy though, it’s diamond edged precision super energy with secret ingredients that will sky rocket your running. Make sure you’ve got a clear few miles in front of you at 12:00 as I don’t want any people or vehicles getting bumped as you accelerate…………… xxx

    • Wow! Thanks..feel free to use the diamond-edged precision super energy rocket for your race first (but it’d be nice if you could clean it before you pass it over to me) Ice xx

  3. By 5.30, I should be full of Theta healing and getting ready to firewalk, I’ll be sending you a warm, healing cocktail of bliss and elation xx

    • I’m elated about that! Mmmmm..cocktails at 5.30 .. what more does a girl need? Jxx

  4. I’m thinking by midday your legs are going to be needing tlc so I will send some cosmic leg healing and some energy bars for you. You go girl. take care

    • Great – was hoping someone would send me some cosmic healing 😉 Jxx

  5. hi jane
    good luck and loads of love for your event, i am teaching theta healing at tir na nog on saturaday and will do a group prayer for you on your journey.

    love aways
    fiona x

    • Thanks, Fiona! I knowthat you and David have a hotline to the man himself 😉 The prayer will be appreciated. A prayer at midday would be perfect – I’ll be needing a surge! JTx

  6. HI Jane,
    I think you are doing quite well during the day so by 5.30pm I think you will be needing an extra boost.
    I will therefore be sending you some cosmic balm to sooth your tired legs and a calming mental energy boost to keep focused until the end.

    all the best for your brilliant (but slightly mad) endeavours.
    huge hugs

    • By 5.30pm I may be needing the full cast of Holby City .. is the cosmic balm the same as a set of defibrilators? Jx

  7. Reiki coming your way on your journey to relieve tiredness and exhaustion and to just chill out your head and not your wee legs. I’m at my councelling training all day so….my thoughts of encouragement will go with you all day. I don’t need to wish you good luck as that is just “all the preperation you have done in the past catching up on the day!”
    well done girl.
    bestest ever wishes

  8. at 12 i will be getting reflexology and therefore feel it is appropriate to send some soothing and healing energy to your feet. and you know what? you can even have some bouncy toddler energy at 5.30pm at no extra charge (;

    • Thankyou!..Well, at 5.30 I’m planning to be activating the neural networks of total relief and exhilaration! Jx

  9. At 3pm I will havea nice relaxing day making music and will send you some postive upbeat music to clear your head so you can progress further to your goal.

    Good luck Jane


    • Cool! (I think 3pm is probably going to be the toughest part!) Jx

  10. At 3pm I shall be trance-mitting the energy of jackdaws on the wing to carry you easily and automatically over many miles

    • I’m impressed , Mr Oldfield (I knew you were clever!) Jx

  11. Forget to mention, jackdaw vibes will be being launched from atop Glastonbury Tor in the midst of a Druid celebration of summer’s height approaching! I’ve even put it in my iPhone so it’ll beep (quietly) and remind me 😉

    • Cool! (How many millions of jackdaws will be involved in this cosmic trance-mission? 😉 Jxx

  12. The largest transcendental number you can think of – to the power of my favourite sacred number … which is 9. Or “frickin’ lots” as we non-mathematicians would put it

    • Wooooah (as Bill and Ted would say) 😉

  13. Hi Jane

    At 4pm I will be sending you the ‘genius mantra’ with emphasis on its special energizing word to keep you motivated!

    Christine x

    • Wooooah! (I’ve heard that only geniuses can chant that mantra!) Jxx

  14. At 8:am my time, 2PM your time, I will be sending my spririt helpers to come help you. Not sure who they will be yet, but I have a feeling Wolf the runner and Horse will helping you along…

    • Cool! (THat’s the furthest mind-bend so far and the first one from the US!) Looking forward to bumping into your spirit helpers on saturday (and it’s that time of year….) JTxx

  15. Wow you are one crazy lady, 🙂 hope it all goes well for you, I will be thinking of you. Best of luck. At 5.30pm I will be sending you great power and bight light to fill you with love and energy that will help you press on, heal your muscles and feet and help you finish woth grace and glee 🙂 xxx

    • Hey! I’m very competitive, you know .. I don’t think I can finish WITH Grace and Glee .. I’ll probably have to overtake them just before the finish line 😉 (Thanks, Corinne!) Jxx

  16. At 10.15am having got rid of both kids 🙂 I will be heading for a quiet coffee and will devote all my caffeine fuelled mega positive thoughts in your direction to put you into the flow zone.

  17. My systems will be off-line until I get up at 8.30 am ish so feel free to tap into all my latent energy. Tread carefully as flatus is particularly prevalent at this time of the day and I wouldnt want you to inadvertently end up doing a Paula half way up Slieve Donard !!


    • Maybe flatus is exactly what’ll get me around, my child.;-) Mom xx

  18. According to the Many Worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, there is an infinite number of possible universes that you can exist in. At noon, I’ll be there to help you transport to which of the Many Worlds you are most resourceful in. Remember, in lots of these universes you have already achieved the run possibly many time so we know you can do it.

    • What .. you are telling me I might have covered milions of miles in other universes before I get to the start line in this one? No wonder I’m f***ed! (Thanks!) Jxx

      • Well that is one way of looking at it …… and there are so many more ways to choose from 🙂 Mx

  19. Greetings earthling, I heard yesterday that adventure is the result of a lack of planning which means I’ve been on an adventure most of my life. Can’t be specific about a time as I get confused with the time difference here in this galaxy, but I’ll be watching you all the way and beaming down a few cool running songs should you need them at any given time. My personal favourite is Fran and Anna’s version of the Road To The Isles (the club dub). Any way Jane must fly or at least flutter my wings slightly I’ve got a distant world to save.
    Hakuna Matata

    • That’s magic , so it is !;-) xx

  20. Hi Jane – will be making jewellery tomorrow at 12.00 with colours to blow your mind and extend you on your way – rockin rhodedendron purples, luscious lime greens and cool chase silver.
    Good Luck!

    • Carol..it worked!!! Thankyou! Jx

  21. hey jane

    we spend a good deal of time with wind energy so i am sending you all the energy of the four winds to blow you which ever way you need to go…

    i am doing that right now so go like the wind ……

    • Hey Pete! It worked.. I did it..(but you may have asent down a rather slow Shetland wind 😉 Jxx

  22. Hi Jane,

    Didn’t get the emails untill you had done the run. I’m guessing however, that you’ll be pretty Knackered and sore so I’m going to send you some restorative, post race healing energy all day. Hope you were absolutely Brill….I know you were!.


    • Thanks, Ray! I did the run! Only one wee blister… legs fine..have been back running the last 2 days … feet a little sore… I will sook up the healing energy for my feet! Jx

  23. Hello everyone! I’m back in Scotland now..and I did it! Thanks for all your help …all I can say is that 52 miles is a loooong way (add in bogs, mountains, midges and heat and it starts to feel like 520 ;-)) and that your mind-bending took my mind off some of the less comfortable parts of the race! The results of the mass mind-bend were interesting : at 9.30 I fell into a bog … at midday I surged into a recumbent position at 3pm I was waiting for the jackdaws anda wee push from the Big Man ..instead I discovered that the laws of physics in Northern Ireland seem to be different to those in normal operation (whilst I looked like I was going forward, I think I was actually going backwards!)..at 5.30 I prepared for a plague of midges (will post pictures shortly for you to see the bites)…AS you can tell, a BRILLIANT day out ..and I’m doing it again as soon as I can (no, really…I actually am!) Thanks again for your playful help! JTxx

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