e. Man Versus Mare Mountain Marathon

Is this mare tough enough to beat those boys?

On Saturday 9th October, after walking 71 miles of the West Highland Way (camping as I go and carrying a full pack) – and before cycling 100 miles home- I’m going to race against a group of young men the last 23 miles of the West Highland Way : Kingshouse to Fortwilliam. They are raising money for Help For Heroes too and they have given themselves a full 3 months to get race fit!

We’re going to call the race “Man Versus Mare” – it’s like the famous Welsh race “Man Versus Horse” only the horse is a bit older than usual and the men are a bit younger than usual – and, we all win either way as all the funds we raise are going into the same pot 😉

Have some fun and filll in our survey! Who do you think will win? http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SKPS3SD


The Mare

Eating a trade-mark peanut butter sandwich (after a bog incident)!

At 44 years, Jane Talbot is almost as old as Yoda (although her legs slightly longer than his they are ;-)) and as nifty as Brian The Snail (on a lazy day). Specialises in loping very slowly (although has been known to almost be on the verge of breaking into something that could look like just-about-running when a peanut butter and banana sandwich is held at the end of her nose). Very talented at getting lost, a black-belt (10th dan) at whinging and falling into bogs. Favourite phrase ” wax on, wax off”.

The Men

The Men's Captain

Iain Greer (Captain) 25 years young, Tae Kwon Do ninja and footballing fella. Engaged to Claire (Scrabble-playing sensation). Joining the TA : an aspiring military man 😉 Son of Caroline (the captain of the Wild Women).

Michael McRobert 19  (too bloody young! Does his mother know he is doing this?AND he’s a trained killer – apparently). Tae Kwon Do guru and Scottish Squad man (needs to be knobbled early on in the race).

Only 19...uh-oh!

Sean McGinnitty 25. Dark horse and trendy haircut. Tae Kwon Do man (and probably very

Sean looks like he means business 😉

heavy user of hair gel). Man of mystery.

Chris Roxburgh 40-something (phew…another old person!) Ex-body-builder (oh dear..getting worried), Tae Kwon Do man and actual runner! Uh -oh….

Mean lean fighting machines!

And here are all of them in their full glory! Including John Urquhart, a 20 year-old former rugby and roller-hockey player who  is keen to raise money for H4H.

The race is on!

Gotta have a lie down (this is going to be a tough one!)

JT 😉


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