Posted by: intrepidjane | December 4, 2010

Tales Of The Unexpected

Climbing into adventure

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as the years have passed, it’s to expect the unexpected. 2 years ago I never dreamed I would be living the life I am right now : I feel like an adventurer! And with every adventure comes new perspective. What seemed big, now seems small.

Now, for my partner and me, both our lives are geared towards building the trike and riding it. It has brought us together in new ways. I have mastered the art of giving the illusion of understanding what he’s talking about when he enthuses about veneers, plywood (yes, you read it right… the chief engineer has been inspired by Frank Costin, a racing car designer who took his inspiration from the aeronautical industry’s use of plywood ), fibreglass, hubs, clearances and Da Vinci drives. He, on the other hand, has become brilliant at nodding his head in a this-is-really-interesting way (even though his mind is with his lathe and drill) when I reel off the numbers of long-distance cycle paths in various countries between here and Russia. I almost believed his excitement when I told him about my discovery of bog-shoeing in Estonia ;-)! (Although, come to think of it, he has got an unusual passion for bogs).

(If you happen to be keen on bogs, you can read all about bog-shoeing here )

And then the unexpected arrived.

It's changed our relationship : we're closer. We're tandem-close!

Due to unexpected serious illness in the family, we have decided that the right thing to do is to delay our pedal to St Petersburg (and the Mongolian 100km adventure race) until March 2012. At this time, we think it’s right to stay close to home, to help those who need both practical and emotional support.

The trike is still being built and we will continue fund-raising activities in an adventurous way in 2011 – only we will just be a little more geographically restricted (this means that we can get home quickly if  need be).

Iteration 1 : needs more curves!

Our revised 2011 adventure itinerary is reaching the final planning stages. We’d like to cycle the length of Ireland (from Mizen Head in the south to Malin Head in the north – c 400miles) unsupported on our homemade tandem trike. We will camp as we go. This will be a great test of the trike and will iron out any engineering problems!

We also want to cycle the length of the Outer Hebrides

Iteration 2 : trike tub mock-up

I plan to run the Great Glen Way (79 miles) and am currently checking out a range of ultras that I like the look of (I just found the Connemara 100- miler which takes place in August and the Glasgow-Edinburgh ulltra which is 56 miles long – April )

There will be other events – I just haven’t though of them yet! (I’ll keep you posted on timings for all the new events as soon as plans are finalised here).

On the upside – it gives another year to raise funds and some much-welcomed time to get visas sorted.

Home 😉

Whilst our adventures have taken an unexpected turn, I’m pretty sure that this year closer to home will teach us some very valuable lessons that will be useful for our big 2012 expedition. I’m certain that some of those lessons will be about the importance of  family and of home. What seemed small, now seems big. It’s all about perspective. (Tales of The Unexpected)

Gotta do the right thing,

JT 😉


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