j. 100k in Mongolia

Once you commit, that's it!

In July 2012, my partner and I are running a 100k adventure race in Mongolia. It’s the final stage in my fund-raising adventure before we get on the train to Beijing, cycle in the city of cycles and then fly home. You can see what’s involved here :


And we will have triked our way to St Petersburg on a home-made tandem to get to the start line 😉 (with a wee rest on the Trans-Siberian Express to get us to Ulaan Bataar!).

OUr route to Mongolia!

We want to stop in many places on the way and run/trike with local folk. If you know of any runners or cyclists .. or fellow adventurous spirits ..who might want to show us their village,town or city, please let me know! Our current plan is to travel from Scotland to UB via Holland, Germany, Poland, Kaliningrad (visas permitting), the Baltic States and the Russian Federation. We will also get off the TSE to run/cycle, so hosts in Moscow and Erkutsk are more than welcome too!

When we race in Mongolia, we will be immersed in big hills,clear air and beautiful sounds : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9osHk1GXlrQ&feature=related

Find out about Mongolia here : http://www.visitmongolia.com/index_1.html

Gotta run!

Jane 😉

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