r. About Jane

Hi! I’m Jane Talbot, I live in Scotland, I’m a 44-year-old mum and I just realised that anything is possible – even raising £100k for Help For Heroes by November 2012!

I am particularly keen to help raise awareness of the issue of PTSD – and the need to generate ,and channel, sufficient resources so that our military sons and daughters get the help and support they deserve in their time of need.

My first fund-raising adventure is a 52-mile ultramarathon in Northern Ireland on the 12th June 2010 (I did it! ;-)) I’ll end my year of fund-raising in the spring/summer of 2012 with an unsupported  journey from Scotland to St Petersburg on a home-made tandem tricycle and a 100km race in Mongolia. There’ll be lots of adventures in-between too!

Feel free to keep track of my adventures here – it’ll be good to have your company along the way. You can support Help For Heroes by visiting my Just Giving Page  : http://www.justgiving.com/janetalbot

Martini chin-ups : any time, any place, anywhere...

When I’m not running, cycling, swimming or doing chin-ups (yes – I have a chin-up bar in the doorway of my kitchen which my loving partner gave me for Valentine’s Day this year … marginally better than a drill or a lawn-mower, I suppose ;-)) I am busy working as a trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (think Paul McKenna) and Hypnosis (be careful if you look into my eyes!) … and running my own coaching

Training the Karate Kid way with a slackline

practice. The brilliant thing is, I use all this stuff on myself..and it seems to work… I just gotta run!

Living the dream,

jane 😉


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