d. West Highland Way

We did it! 😉 You can read the full adventure report here :https://intrepidjane.wordpress.com/2010/10/13/going-all-the-west-highland-way/

On my way back from the triking tour back in May,with my lungs still full of adventure, I stopped at the Green Welly place in Crianlarich to have coffee. In the corner, a couple of women “West Highland Wayers” were sat in fleeces and shorts, enjoying a mug of something warm and a piece of cake. They seemed to be enjoying each other’s company.

You know what happened next? The Forrest Gump voice started in my head again 😉 It said – “Jane, wouldn’t it be great to enjoy the experience of walking in this beautiful place with some of your women friends who may just enjoy being part of the adventure  and enjoy helping to raise funds for Help For Heroes?”

So, I started to invite people that very evening…..

On Tuesday 5th October 2010 Jane ,and a group of her female friends, will be starting out on the West Highland Way! And we’re we’re all doing it in different ways!! Some of us are going all the way, some part of the way, some are cycling back with Jane to Crieff  (86 miles in a day )and some are supporting. But we’re all doing something  in a way to support each other and to help each other raise money for somethng that is important to us.

You can find more out about the 96-mile route here : http://www.west-highland-way.co.uk/home.asp


Jane Talbot is walking the West Highland Way and camping en route.The total route will be covered in 5 days ; on the 5th day, she is going to race the last 23 miles against a group of young men (go to the Man Versus Mare page to read more about the race https://intrepidjane.wordpress.com/man-versus-mare-race/ !). The following day she will cycle back home with her friend, Ben Dowman, (honarary woman and quite a good cyclist – apparently 😉 the 86 miles to Crieff.NEWSFLASH ..Ben and Jane have just decided to keep the 100 theme running…so 86 has now become a cool 100 miles in a day 😉 All funds raised will go to Help For Heroes. Her top Super Hero Qualities are the ability to whinge (in all conditions) and her massive appetite (especially for peanut butter and banana sandwiches). Give to her charity here : http://www.justgiving.com/janetalbot

Ben Dowman is too good-looking and clever for his own good. He’s going to cycle the 86 miles (oops..it’s just become 100 😉 back to Crieff with Jane (and probably allow her to draft all the way – that’s just the way he is!) His top Super Hero quality is modesty ;-). He’s earned the status of honarary woman (that’s how good he is!).

Eileen Abbess is a strategic risk expert and business programme manager during the day and personal coach during the other days.  She loves working in and with change whether business or personal and has always had a secret hankering to do the West Highland Way though never found the opportunity.  Then along came Jane offering the opportunity with added fun and chocolate and fundraising too.  How could she resist?  She’s planning to walk for three days and then her husband and kids are coming along to join us for a night’s camping.  And might even do some cooking for us!  You can read Eileen’s thoughts here : http://changerisk.blogspot.com/


Oona McFarlanena McFarlane keeps herself occupied running
Tir na nOg Holistic centre, meeting wonderful people and watching them change in magnificent ways.  By day she is
often found helping this to happen with Reiki and other therapies
(including retail therapy and cake), and by night she helps by
encouraging people to walk on fire.She also has 3 children, and a
tendency to add projects like Open University courses, writing, and
signing up for things like marathons, just to keep things interesting.
She has therefore progressed from offering to cook dinner and give
 the team the use of Tir na nOg's magnificent tipi for the first night to
probably going the whole distance, and maybe even running some of it (if only to
be sure she's not the first one to be eaten if we get lost..)

Lyn Haworth is an experienced complementary therapist with a wealth of experience in a number of healing modalities (Reiki, Reflexology, Crystal & Gem Therapy, NLP, Indian Head Massage and Foot Reading??!!). Her unique approach means that she  can, and does, often combine each of these with her knowledge and expertise in the field of crystals (they are all complementary, after all!). She has a passion for helping others and, although she can’t manage the West Highland Way herself, she will be with everyone in spirit, as well as being there at the end of each day to pamper and care for the many marching feet! She is hoping that she can obtain sponsorship for each session that she does along the way.
Why is she doing it? Simple! She has been inspired by Jane in many ways and she believes in what Jane is doing.

Originally from Northern Ireland, Caroline Johnstone moved to Ayrshire in Scotland in 1993 with her first husband until that marriage ended in 2000.  She is very happily remarried to Lee and continues to live in Ayrshire with the three of her children who remain at home (when some of them aren’t travelling the world on their own adventures).   Her career has been mainly in HR and management because she loves working with people to encourage personal change and development.  In the last ten years, she has learnt to use her skills in coaching and transformation on staff at all levels in a business – and on herself.

She currently works with RBS Mentor, advising businesses across the UK on all people management issues.   She has a BA  in HRM (with Distinction), is a Chartered Member of the CIPD, an NLP Master Practitioner, a certified Master Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, a Reiki pratitioner and a JP.  So she knows that it’s never too late to be who you want to be, and teaches the gentle and therapeutic power of journaling to access emotions, easily identify and change unhelpful thinking patterns, deal effectively with stress and low moods, and to empower people to achieve personal success by learning from the past and present to move to a compelling future.

She’s doing the challenge for three reasons:

  • Because it fits in with her own theme of this year of Being Your Own Coach (with the sub goal of getting fully fit again)
  • She wants to help Jane raise her £100k for Help for Heroes
  • And is inspired to do this by Jane and her ability to throw herself into life, and by Colonel Phil Packer.

Marina Ramsden

Tricia Stewart

Madaline Alexander

Nancy McFarlane is the official team photographer! We are all hoping for that super model look once the McFarlane Mesiter has finished with us!

Lisa Jeary is going to support the team and come part of the way !We’ll keep you posted on developments here! http://www.homeofficedesign.co.uk


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