i. Name Our Trike!

We're going for 4-leg drive!

In June 2010, I asked you to “bend your mind” to help me through the 52-mile Mourne Way Ultra Marathon… and now I’m asking you to lend your creativity! What do you think we should call our tandem recumbent trike?

So far, we’ve thought of  “Epimetheus” (who happens to be the Greek God of afterthought and the father of excuses – that made me smile ;-)) ; we also

Our trike is part of the team 😉

liked “Elpis” – the spirit of hope and expectation. “Morpheus” – the God of dreams is fitting too. One of my son’s pet-names is “The Poddler” – that would probably keep me going for a few thousand miles ! My personal favourite is

It's not just a machine : it has a spirit!

Endurance” the name of one of Shackleton’s ships – it was an expedition he survived – and he helped most of his crew survive too (although his ship didn’t make it). I like Shackleton’s style : indomitable (which would be another name, of course!) Come on – lend us your your brains!

Gotta make it up!

JT 😉



  1. Mr Huff Puff…or Mrs xxx

  2. Hey, Fiona! No huffing or puffing here.. I’m an ultra runner..I’ve mastered the art of SLOW travel.. in fact, I’m so slow, you’d hardly notice me moving at all! Jx

  3. To Russia With Love

  4. Trikeovsky

    • Wow! I didn’t know I had such clever friends! 😉 jx

  5. I like the poddler, Aaron likes Chiron. (:

    • Odhran will be pleased about that! Jx

  6. FCH – Faith, Hope and Charity!

  7. I would have several names, including one that the sponsors like and just keep changing them to suit whatever country/culture your passing through. be ruthless in your quest for your charity. So the question is not what to call it but what will bring you more $’s

    • Did someone hit you on the head? Did you take a fall? Since when have you been “all commercial”… ;-)? (Very clever though !)

  8. what about determination, terminator, road hopper, or sausage…..
    I actually like endurance

    • Sausage…hmmm..unusual…. 😉

  9. Who knows you may be passing through Ubsausageztan where king sausage rules and it may be usual for the quite large citizens to name their vehicles after their favourite sausage.

    • Good point. I ought to get my visa sorted for Ubsausageztan. 😉

  10. Tricky Ricky The Trike…obviously he can do lots of tricks 🙂 Mx

    • Maybe Pretty Rickety … the one- trick 3-wheeled pony 😉 Jx

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