h. Building Our Trike

Trike-In-A-Box : the seeds of adventure are sown!

Update December 2010. Due to unexpected serious illness in the family, we have had to delay our trip until March 2012. Read the full story here (and thankyou so much for your continued support and understanding) https://intrepidjane.wordpress.com/2010/12/04/tales-of-the-unexpected/

So, here’s the plan…my partner is building us a recumbent back-to-back tandem tricycle to get us to St Petersburg (and on to Beijing too .. well, we can’t go all that way without pedalling  in the cycling capital of the world, can we ?!)He’s designing it himself and the concept is “Trike-In-A-Box” : we should be able to pack it up into itself and load it up onto the

The Chief Engineer's Workshop

Trans- Siberian Express and ultimately see it squeeze neatly into the hold of a plane in Beijing when it comes home.

The Chief Engineer's Altar

Here’s the thing though – my partner has never designed a  trike or made a

"Make-It Man" Strikes Again!

trike (although he is very good at designing and making things : in the early days of our relationship he wooed me by making me my very own crown and sword, forged in traditional Viking style with folded

Signs that the Chief Engineer's been "hard at it"

metal! Impressive, eh? He’s even promised to make me my own composting loo. Bet you’re REALLY jealous now, right? :-))

If  Carlsberg made engineering adventures, this would

The Chief Engineer's Prayer

probably be the  most adventurous of all 😉 Will this home-made creation make it all the way???

Enjoying vertical tandem life at Loch Katrine

I’ll keep you posted here on the key phases of

designing, model-building, building and testing … and the launch! Work starts in November 2010. WATCH THIS SPACE 😉

Gotta pedal!

JT 😉



  1. Here at Common Wheel the sustainable bike is one of our things and i know our workshop managers Neil at Maryhill and John at Bridgeton will be intrigued by your construction.
    Please if ever you find yourself in Glasgow and want to talk serious bike engineering, come visit us.
    Have a look at the website http://www.commonwheel.org.uk….we recycle bikes as a vehicle to meaningful activity to promote the recovery of folks with mental health problems.
    One of the Board of directors, Alistair, who is also a founder, and I ahve been talking about Build Your Bike Schemes fro returning veterans through Erskine.
    Maybe there is something we can do together here?
    Will keep you posted on our progress.
    And for those of you who think it awful I haven’t expressed how amazing Jane is, I have already done that in a separate email 🙂
    Will certainly pass this link to the engineers!
    All the best

    • Hi Fiona! That’s brilliant – and I think it would be great to do something together (I have the Chief Engineer of the trike build sitting next to me and I’m sure he’ll take you up on the offer of some sound engineering advice!). Keep me posted! I’ll contact you next time I’m in Glasgow – would be good to meet you and great to have the opportunity to meet Alistair too! J 😉

  2. wow – I am VERY impressed! Way too technical / ambitious for me!

    • There’s a lot less to “bodging” than you’d expect 😉

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