q. Training & Diet

Since Forrest Gump took up residence in my head on September 8th 2009, I have trained 6 days a week, every week -except for a brief stay in Dundee Ninewells Hospital in April 2010 (an attack of comedy tonsils…they were actually bigger than my chest..which is now woefully small …) I started off

Summer 2009 - the dress is a size 16

at a size 16 (well… I could POSSIBLY have been a little more ample than that due to me researching – and trialling- the “I Can Make You Fatter Than You Can Possibly Imagine AND Stop You Exercising Completely” programme. I followed it diligently , honouring the 3 keys :

1. Eat crisps, cake and pizza like Jabba The Hut.

2. Touch nothing below 30% fat (unless it’s a Hollywood star or a multi-millionaire)

3. Only break into a sweat at the thought of your tax bill.

It worked like a dream).

Size 16 is all I’m prepared to admit to…although I told my partner when I met

You can even get fit by lying down!

him that I was a size 12 ;-)…(relax..he never reads my blog) and now I am an 8 or 10 depending on the shop! (I’ll let you in on how I managed to do it later – it’s alot easier than you think! In fact, it could be a new Mackenna-esque book I might write “You Can Have A Totally Healthy Body , Eat Exactly What Your Body Asks For And Develop An Appetite For Physical Activity – No Sweat!“..Naturally there’ll have to be 3 keys..and I’ll let you know what they are later 😉

I’ve periodised my training so that it comes in peaks and troughs..unless I’ve run on a whim..in which case, wherever I am in my training cycle, I just go the whole hog anyway ;-)(which I did for Islay and Jura). I’ve also mixed it up

Nothing like a good stretch!

so that my body and head keep fresh – as well as running and cycling, I swim too and walk. I’ve moved towards considering my own body as a means of transport and I try to go most places by human power these days.

It's all about balance!

Now and again I try new things of an active nature to remind my body and my mind that it’s good to keep learning and to keep adapting. I’ve tried climbing. I’ve tried slack-lining. I’ve tried

My partner definitely wears the socks in our relationship!

sock-wrestling (now that’s what I call an extreme sport.. the picture shows my bare feet.. I lost AGAIN!! ).

I’ve enjoyed discovering my own edges and realising that when you stretch yourself, your horizons keep

A visit to the edge of yourself is a worthwhile journey

expanding. You realise that you can do more. Pretty much anything becomes possible if you really have the motivation to do it. Actually, you realise that being in a relationship with your body in this kind of way is FUN. It feels good!

All of this has changed my relationship with exercise, with food and with my body. My body gets me places – it is a means of locomotion. And so it needs to be fuelled and serviced properly. Running and cycling are no longer about racing ; they are more about undertaking a journey. When you are not always thinking of the end and finsihing, you can relax and fully soak up the experience of being in your body and being outside. Being constantly on the move has started to feel natural.

In September 2009 my inner collie dog was practically ready for a final visit

The Holy Trinity is present : Jane, Forrest & The Collie

to the vets. It was constantly in its basket,asleep in front of the fire. Now, almost a year later, my inner collie dog wakes me every morning: lease in mouth, tail wagging… and when we start to run, you can see that it’s being the working dog it was born to be 😉

As for the 3 keys (do you want to know what they are?……) Tell you next time!

Gotta be active,

Jane 😉


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