Posted by: intrepidjane | May 27, 2010

On The Edge Of An Adventure

It’s only 17 days until I take the first step onto the path of adventure – a year of physical fund-raising adventures starting on the 12th June 2010 (the Mourne ultra marathon – 52 miles off-road in Northern Ireland) and culminating in a journey on a home-made tandem tricycle (with my partner  – who’s actually making it!) to St Petersburg before a final 100k race in Mongolia.

And the aim of this all? Well, the aim is to raise £100k for the Help For Heroes charity because, as a mother, I would want my son to be cared for no matter what his age. I am raising this money so our military sons and daughters get the support that their mothers would want for them.

I took my first training step on September the 8th 2009 with an ultramarathon in mind. Now, 4 dress-sizes smaller, the more I have shrunk, the more my ambitions have expanded. Now I have a full-blown adventure series ahead of me.

I am standing on the edge of one of the most amazing adventures of my life.

On the edge!

I’ll keep you posted!

Gotta run! J 😉

If you would like to make a donation to Help For Heroes, you can do it here :

Your generosity is much appreciated – it helps me take the next step!

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